Even acne prone skin needs moisture to maintain a healthy glow. Cosmedix Phytoclear has a unique quality to hydrate while reducing oil and bacteria naturally with a balance of Soy Isoflavones and Pregnenolone. It will keep pores clear and stimulate collagen production and repair. Hydrates, reduces oil production, antibacterial, collagen/repair stimulator. For acne and dehydrated/oily skin.

*PLEASE NOTE: Packaging in a 1 oz TUBE.

Active Ingredients: Soy Isoflavones, DHEA, D-Cholic acid, Pregnenolone, Niacinamide, D-Dholic Acid.

Brand: CosMedix

CosMedix offers Medical Grade Cosmeceuticals formulated with Chiral Technology. Their philosophy is based around the principle that inflammation is the core cause of all skin conditions. Traditional skin care lines have primarily selected ingredients that create inflammation when addressing common skin care problems. CosMedix removes these irritants and uses very high concentration of active ingredients that communicate with the skin and work with its natural ability to repair itself. Chiral Correction does this and because of the high cost most popular brands of skin care lines do not purify their ingredients. Unfortunately, when the harmful molecules are left in tact to cause irration & inflammation, your skin will begin to show signs of aging prematurely.

Chiral = Purification = Beautiful Skin!

Free of Artificial Additives
Paraben Free
Glycolic Acid Free
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free
Benzoyl Peroxide Free
Cruelty Free


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